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​​​            ​    The Independent Old Catholic Church

We welcome you to the web site of the Independent Old Catholic Church (IOCC). Our denomination traces its roots through the European Old Catholic Churches to the Apostolic Era. Of particular concern to us is the offering of valid sacraments to those in need. We offer traditional sacraments and beliefs found in the traditions and beliefs of the Early Christian Church. We are worldwide with Clergy in North America, and Europe.  We are seeking mature adults who feel a call to Holy Orders (Deacon/Priest) and those who are already ordained and seek to incardinate with the IOCC.  We welcome those who are self-sustained, as we pay no salaries to our Clergy, who like St Paul, pay their own way. We offer seminary training (leading to degrees in Theology) and offer ordination to both men and women.

We are a rather unique Church offering priesthood to suitable candidates for part time work, or full time.  We hold valid apostolic succession and welcome you to, with prayer, consider preparation for Ordination.

Please take to review our web site, and if you feel a call contact us for more information or a phone conversation.

Most Rev. George H. W. LeMesurier

   Archbishop and Primate

PO Box 23175, Ottawa, Canada, K2A 4E2

               1-866-878-2290 (Toll free from USA) 

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