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Apape Seminary operates in several locations.  Our Administrative Headquarters is in Tampa, Florida.  There are branch campuses in Louisville, Ky, and in Virginia.  The Office for IOCC students and overseas students  is  located in Ottawa, Canada.

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Father Steve Harris has been appointed the priest and pastor of Holy Apostles Independent Old Catholic Church in Dunedin, Florida.

Father Steve was previously with Saint Michael's Independent Old Catholic Church.  These two churches work very close with each other.

We are sad to announce that Joanne McCormick, the loving wife of Archbishop Maurice McCormick, was called home to her eternal rest this morning, August 11, 2019. Please pray for Maurice and the entire McCormick family, as we all remember the joy and promise of the resurrection.

Welcome a New Congregation to the IOCC

There is a new church in the Diocese of Florida, We are pleased to announce that Holy Apostles Church, Dunedin, Florida has joined with the Independent Old Catholic Church. On behalf of Archbishop George and Bishop Richard, we welcome the congregation to our family.  The church will by served by rotating priests from Saint Michael’s at the discretion of Monsignor Juan.

Please pray for Richard Thompson who is suffering from a Stroke.

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The IOCC is growing in many parts of the world, and it is most satisfying to read the reports, most varied in scope,but all serving the Lord and The Gospel.


Archbishop George,

Primate iOCC

This message is for members of the IOCC.

We are pleased to announce the 2019 Synod to be held in Clearwater. Florida, October 19th and 20th.   Three men will be elevated to the Office of Auxiliary Bishop, as well as some ordinations to Priesthood.
The event will be held at Howard Johnson Motel, 27988 US 19th North in Clearwater.  (Telephone number there is 727-796-0135), We have reserved a block of rooms. Mention the Clerical rate when you phone for a reservation.  The Synod will be on Saturday starting at 10am, and ending on Sunday after the Eucharist.  

Some area of discussion will be a formal policy on the Role fo the IOCC in Africa.  The issue of Spiritual Obedience will be discussed, and as well Academic Preparation Requirements for Priesthood.  There will be a full review of the IOCC Canon Law.  If any wish to give a presentation on a topic please let Bishop George know at -

If you let us know you will be attending, use email to let us know, and we shall send you the Agenda and some advance discussion material.

May the Lord be with you.
Archbishop George LeMesurer, Primate

IOCC Synod - Clearwater, Florida, October 19, 20th, 2019


Saturday (All held at Howard Johnson Motel Meeting Room)

10:00 AM - Welcome and Introductions- Bishop Richard White, Bishop of Florida

10:30 - Remembrance of Deceased IOCC Clergy - Bishop George LeMesurier, Primate
                                                         and Rev Peter Foster, Ottawa, Canada

11:00 - Consecration of Auxiliary Bishop- Archbishop Maurice McCormick

11:30 - General Meeting to review the agenda, and announcements.
           -Clarification of difference between Canon Law and Church Regulations

12:00 - Lunch Break (Semi Official Location Bob Evans Restaurant)

1:30 - General Synod Meeting - Chairman Bishop George

The Rite of Exorcism Establish a Church Policy (Introduction Bishop Richard White)

African Clergy - Church Policy

Anglican and Lutheran Rites

Spiritual Vow of Obedience and Consequences

Spirituality and Leadership - Bishop Elect Tom Bryant

Apostolic Succession

Fast Track Studies for Ordination

Synod Dates - Annual, Bi-Annual - regular part of the year issues.

Review of Canon Law - Bishop Kelvin Murray
                     Policy on Changes, amendments and additions- Two Synod Policy?

5:00 - Supper Break

8:00 - Evening Prayers and Compline - Bishop George.

Sunday Eucharist, Consecration of two Bishops and Ordinations
                    St Michael’s Cathedral, Dunedin.