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We have been shocked by the picture of a black man, handcuffed, surrounded by four (white) police officers, with a knee on his neck, crying out, I can't breathe. Such a sad picture - This has led to massive protests, often riots around USA and with some such support in Canada.  May peace and justice soon take place.

We are alarmed at the world wide coranavirus which is sweeping the world with sadly many dead.  Our prayers go out to those affected may they recover. And may we soon discover a cure for the worst virus in over one hundred years.

This is the first posting for this new outreach of the IOCC - a newsletter.  We used to mail these out and the time and cost was too great to maintain.  We welcome items you may wish to include, simply email them to the address above - with Newsletter in the subject line.  We welcome suggestions and comments on any aspect of the IOCC.

May our Saviour bless and protect all who read this message.

​                                                                      Bishop George, Primate IOCC.

News from the Diocese of Florida

 We now have an Auxiliary Bishop who was consecrated at the last Synod.  He is the Most Reverend Stephen Harris. He serves as the pastor of Holy Apostles Independent Old Catholic Church, as well as the Auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese of Florida.  Bishop Steve is a funeral director at one of the largest funeral homes in the area. The combination of compassion and leadership skills is truly a blessing to the Diocese of Florida. 

Like much of the rest of the country, the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has caused two of our churches (Holy Apostles and Saint Joseph of Arimathea) to stop having services until restrictions are lifted by the Governor of Florida.  At Saint Michael’s Independent Old Catholic Church (the cathedral of the IOCC) Monsignor Juan Lojo and his staff have developed unique ways to continue to hold some services. They hold three Masses a week limited to ten people in the sanctuary. Reservations are required to attend these services.  Social distancing restrictions are followed with everyone being  more than ten feet apart as well as conforming to all other Covid-19 orders from the Governor.  

On Sunday mornings at 10:00 am, the Eucharist is served in the parking lot of Saint Michael’s.  The other churches of the diocese are invited to participate along with anyone who wants to receive the Eucharist. This has gone extremely well with even participation from members of Roman Catholic churches in the area that are closed. A bulletin with the complete service is provided to each person.  The people do not leave their cars but drive through the parking lot where Monsignor Juan Lojo, Father Charles Gaudreau and Father Peter Milner serve the consecrated bread.  The people in the cars hold a hand out the window then a priest drops the host into their hand and recites the ritual wording.

The diocese expects to bestow Holy Orders to a new Deacon for Saint Michael’s Church this November.  The new deacon will be Nancy DiNicola.  She has been a member for many years and has served Saint Michael’s in many positions as a lay woman. She is in the process of finishing her education to be eligible for Holy Orders as a deacon. 

The Diocese of Florida is looking forward to hosting the upcoming 2020 IOCC Synod this fall.  Hopefully, circumstances will allow us to safely gather together for fellowship, education and inspiration.

Bishop Richard M. White

Diocese of Florida